Darien, IL Remodeling

Classic Remodeling was established to fulfill the need for honest, hardworking contractors. To provide the best customer experience possible in an industry that is littered with thieves and distrustful people. Classic Remodeling is here to show everyone how the contracting industry should be. We’re here to set the standard for our peers. We are the company people refer to as an example for the best of the best. From initial contact to post payment follow up. We want our clients to have the best customer experience they have ever had while working with our company.

We provide the following services to you in Darien, IL:


General & Specialty Repairs


Drywall, Plaster, Tile


Paint, Patch, Touch-ups


Fixtures, Outlets, Switches, Repairs


Faucets, Leaks, Drains, Repairs

Custom Exterior Carpentry

Custom Exterior Carpentry…

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