Bathroom Storage Dilemmas

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Make sure to think about storage space before you decide on the floor plan. Not everyone has a massive bathroom in their home allowing for storage wherever. Most of the time we have a limited amount of space to work with especially if it’s a guest bathroom or half bath. So you’ll have to be smart with the space that you do have.No need to worry though! We have a couple tips on how to increase the storage space in your soon to be remodeled bathroom.

Install Recessed Medicine Cabinet Mirrors – A large mirror above the bathroom sink can give the illusion of a larger space but you’re losing a ton of potential storage space if that’s the route you decide to take. Instead consider installing one or two mirrored recessed medicine cabinets above your bathroom sink. These days there are designs available that completely hide the fact that it’s a medicine cabinet. You’re bathroom will look gorgeous and you’ll have extra hidden storage.
Hanging Brackets and Floating Shelves – Most of the time there’s a lot of wall space going to waste in bathrooms. You can install hanging brackets and floating shelves to place cosmetics and other items on. Feel free to get creative with these. Just because they’re bathroom shelves it doesn’t mean they need to be cluttered with your toiletries for everyone to see. You can find various containers to help organize those shelves and create a nice aesthetic on your wall.
Coat Racks – Don’t miss out on some key storage space that is your door! Install a coat rack to the back of your bathroom door for people to hang bathrobes and towels.