Be a Better Home Owner: Avoid Appliance Abuse

We are all guilty of misusing and abusing our appliances, but if you want to be a better homeowner and keep your appliances in their best shape possible, you should make sure you avoid these common appliance mistakes.

The first major mistake that homeowners make is that they do not have a surge protector for their appliances. If you do not have a surge protector, then a power surge can easily fry your appliances, since they are not being properly protected. It is a very worthwhile investment to install power surge protectors throughout your entire home instead of relying on power strips.

Another way that appliances are abused in a home is if you have a small appliance with a damaged cord. If you notice that a cord is frayed or if the plug is actually sparking, you need to unplug it immediately. To be extra safe, you might even want to cut off power to the source. Many homeowners believe that they have an appliance that is broken and needs to be replaced, when actually, it is just the cord that is damaged. With some appliances, you may be able to remove the old and damaged cord, and install a new one. You will want to be sure to read any instructions and follow safety guidelines on how to do this safely.

Washing machines in a home often suffer a great deal of abuse, because doing laundry can be tedious, and some homeowners do very large loads of laundry, so they do not have to do two smaller loads. However, when you have a heavy or off-balance load, it puts a lot of stress onto your washing machine. Even if you have a large tub and your machine can be filled with a lot of laundry, it will last a lot longer if you do smaller loads.

The main problem with dryers is that homeowners do not always empty the lint tray after their clothes have finished drying. Over time, lint will build up inside of your dryer and in the vent line. This can be very hazardous and could potentially even cause a fire. In addition to clearing out the lint after each load, you should also have a professional take apart and clean out your dryer every few years and have the vent line cleaned as well.

Dishwashers are often a very important appliance for homeowners, but some homeowners do not do a very good job at rinsing and washing off their dishes before loading them into their dishwasher. Some people believe you do not have to remove all of the food from the dishes before loading them, but if you do not remove the food, you are at risk for those little pieces getting lodged and clogging the pump or the drain lines. This can easily be avoided simply by thoroughly rinsing off your dishes.

If you take care of your appliances and have them serviced routinely, you are much more likely to get longer use out of them and you will also be keeping your home safe.