DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

Any homeowner can go out and buy light fixtures for their backyard. However, you are not like most homeowners! You are someone who likes to challenge yourself with new DIY home projects, so why not use that drive to make your own backyard light fixtures? Below are a few simple and inexpensive ideas to make your backyard the talk of the block.

Mason jars have a variety of uses and purposes and are often used for DIY projects. A DIY project that many people do not think about though, are using mason jars for lighting purposes. A beautiful way that you can incorporate this into your backyard lighting is to hang up mason jars that have little tea lights inside of them. These jars can be hung up on trees, wire, or you can get shepherd hooks. This unique and creative lighting idea will definitely draw attention and have people asking how you came up with such a cool idea.

Another usage of mason jars is to make “stained glass” out of them. In order to achieve this effect, all you need is different colored tissue paper that you will break up into small and different sized pieces and adhere them to the mason jar. Then, just as with the option above, you use tea lights to light up the jar. This will illuminate your backyard with beautiful colors and is a very unique and interesting way to add light.

Another idea is to make a light fixture out of a basket you bought from the dollar store. You simply take the waste basket, use wire cutters to cut a small hole in the bottom, insert the lightbulb and hang it upside down. This could work for a porch or for your backyard.

If you have a patio area in your yard, another idea is to take four wooden posts and put them into buckets that you have filled with cement and put the four posts on the four corners of the patio area. Then, you can take a strand of lights and hang it from the top of the four posts. Clear bulbs will make the area a lot brighter, but if you are looking to add some fun or color, you can absolutely use colored lights as well. You also have the option on the size of the bulbs so if you ever get tired of the look, you can simply switch out the color and size and you will have an entirely new look.

You can also make your own tiki torch type light out of old glass bottles, tiki torch oil and replacement wicks. You can use whatever colored bottle you would like and these can be placed around your porch or deck.

These are just a few DIY outside lighting projects that you can do by yourself that will give your backyard a unique look and will give it some flair. You will definitely have people asking where you bought your lights and they will be so surprised to hear that you made it.