Furnace Maintenance – What do you need to know

During the colder season – especially in the months of December and January, it is important to ensure your furnace is properly working. You need to tackle the issue associated with the furnace before you face them as emergencies. Does your furnace need maintenance? Let’s find out!

High Energy Bill: if you have a high power or energy bill during the winter season, it is the first sign your furnace requires maintenance. The heating system will not operate properly if there is clogged dirt or if the parts are worn down.
Strange Noises: If your furnace is making noises, then there is a problem. For example, if you hear a loud noise the moment you turn it on, it means the burners require cleaning. Likewise, if you hear howling and whistling noises while it is running, it means restriction of fuel supply to the burner.
Carbon Monoxide Leakages: This is extremely dangerous and that’s why you need to protect your family and home from this odorless and colorless gas. Mild poisoning of the gas can lead to dizziness, headaches, and nausea.
Furnace Odors: Normally, when you turn on the furnace, you smell the odor of dust. It is because there is dust on different parts of the furnace. This is completely normal (although you should clean it). On the other hand, if you smell unpleasant odors like burning oil, rubber or when you see the smoke is not normal – then there might be a problem with your furnace.
The Importance of Furnace Maintenance
Typically, the heating system of your home is based on propane or natural gas if you have a gas furnace. The process usually involves a combustible material and flame, which requires maintenance. When you neglect your furnace, it can cause issues and sometimes, they could be dangerous.
Replacing the furnace is not an easy task – especially when it comes to the costs. It is practical to keep the furnace running in a smooth way with regular maintenance. In addition, the internal components of the furnace are complex and a small malfunction in any of them could reduce the lifespan of it.
Another reason why you should do the maintenance of your furnace is to avoid high-energy bills. You may not know but the most energy-efficient machine can sometimes become a power hog – particularly if you are not maintaining it.
During the hotter seasons – i.e. in the summer, the furnace is not active – so, it accumulates a lot of dirt and dust from its surroundings, which can wreak havoc on the machine’s internal parts. Therefore, it is important to get annual furnace maintenance before you end up with problems in the winter season, which could lead to higher energy bills.
You can do the maintenance yourself as a DIY project – but since the furnace is something of a complex machine, it requires a lot of skill and expertise. This is why we recommend you to hire a professional handyman or HVAC technician to get the job done expertly and accurately.