How to Leak Proof Your House to Prevent Water Damage

Waterproofing is one of the most effective things you can do to prevent water damage at home. You can start by leak proofing the most vulnerable areas; this way, you can prevent a major water damage headache and have peace of mind in adverse weather situations.
Here’s how you can leak proof your house:
1. Leak proofing the roof
To make sure your roof will be able to shelter you from adverse weather conditions, you must get it inspected during the first months of autumn. We know rain is coming, so this is how you can get your roof ready on time in case there’s any repair work to be done. After the inspection, you’ll know if you need to replace broken tiles, and this way you’ll be free of roof leaks.
2. Leak proofing the chimney
Chimneys have what’s called a flashing, which is a sheet of metal that keeps the space between the chimney and the roof completely watertight. You’ll want to make sure the flashing is in perfect condition, otherwise water will leak around the chimney and get into your home. It’s recommended you invest in high-quality flashing; it will last longer and be a lot sturdier than budget options.
3. Leak proofing the attic
If your attic is not properly insulated, you won’t be able to keep an optimal moisture level and temperature. This is why you need to make sure your attic is properly insulated, it won’t only prevent the aforementioned issues, it will also waterproof your attic effectively.
4. Leak proofing the gutters
If you don’t want your gutters to give you grief, you want to keep them clean. Remove leaves and debris from the gutters, and make sure you wash down the downspout with a hose you can remove small debris as well. You want your gutters and downspout to be unclogged and working perfectly.
5. Leak proofing the foundation
Even the smallest of cracks in your foundation can cause water damage. To avoid this, you need to make sure you repair any cracks. Get your foundation walls inspected and seal any cracks found ASAP, no matter how small. You’ll also want to direct water away from the foundation, so make sure your grading slopes away from your home’s foundations. Additionally, you’ll want to seal any pipe openings, duct work and wires found under your home.
6. Leak proofing doors and windows
Last but not least, you’ll want to leak proof all doors and windows. Why? Because rain and snow can get in through the cracks. This is why you need to use weather-stripping to seal all doors and windows that don’t close tightly and apply caulk on both sides of the window to prevent water from getting in.
These are the most basic tips you’ll need to follow to make sure your entire home is leak proof so you don’t have to deal with water damage during rain season. Apply them, and thank us later!
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