How to Maintain Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps are vital appliances because they keep your basements and crawl space safe from water buildup and it also protects your home from floods. The sump pump achieves this by collecting all standing water and pumping it to the outside of the house. This appliance is wonderful because it works on its own and you simply feel better having it because you know it can prevent a disaster.

If you live somewhere floods aren’t common, you might not even be aware your home has one. But every home should have one because it prevents water buildup, which can lead to health issues, structural issues, and mold growth, among other things you want to avoid.
Sump pumps can be incredibly resilient, and they don’t need much from you, but they still need some level of maintenance to make sure they have a long-life span. If you notice your sump pump is not working as it should, make sure to call a professional so they can check it out.
To avoid neglect, here’s what you can do:
Every three or four months you must: Clean the sump pump screen or inlet opening gently. Make sure the power cord is in good condition and plugged into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet. Also, test the sump pump by pouring a bucket of water over it and seeing how it responds. It should turn on immediately once the water raises the float. If it doesn’t, make sure the float is well-adjusted. During this test make sure the sump pump is level and upright.
Once a year, preferably during rainy season, you must: Do a visual inspection of your sump pump. If you notice it’s not working as it should, call a professional to see if there are any issues you need to solve. You also must remove it and clean it once a year, religiously. Flush it with water, replace the pump, and clean the pit as well.
Every two or three years you must: Replace the batteries. Check your basement for cracks on the walls or windows and check your home foundation as well. Make sure the drain of the sump pump is not blocked and check that the drainpipe is pointing away from your house. Also, clear your downspouts and your gutters to make sure your sump pump can drain the water effectively.
As you can see, your sump pump needs you to check up on it throughout the year. The good news is that maintenance is super easy and simple. Just follow these steps and your sump pump won’t only function better, it will also last longer.
These appliances are necessary, and they could save you the trouble of serious flooding if you just keep them alive and working. This is particularly necessary if you live in an area where floods are quite common, so make sure you understand what your sump pump does for you and keep up with its maintenance.