Living and Dealing with Apartment Neighbors

There are many things to consider when choosing to move into an apartment such as cost, location and parking. One aspect people sometimes neglect or put too little weight on is the neighbors. Neighbors – most often – are helpful as they can collect your mail, packages, or any other essential belonging when you are not at home. You can also become close friends with them and trade favors such as babysitting each others children or pets. However, sometimes, there are neighbors who can cause problems for you and make your blood boil. Having a bad neighbor is one thing but living in close quarters with said bad neighbor, can add another layer of frustration.

Having a “bad” neighbor could mean dealing with someone who is inconsiderate, rude and/or lazy, but that does not mean that you should pack up and leave your apartment to move somewhere else. We are living in a world full of different kinds of people with varying attitudes – or let us say people from different ethnic backgrounds, religions, and communities.
So, if you want to know how to deal with neighbors, this article is for you. Read this post carefully so that you are able to grasp all the information to help you balance a happy life and deal with your neighbors while living in your apartment. Continue reading!
Approach Your Neighbor
Irritants such as loud noises late at night or early in the morning, unpleasant odors, rodent and bug infestations, selfish parking habits and an overall carelessness and lack of consideration are common complaints from apartment dwellers. Many people sick of bad neighbors find it easiest to avoid conflict and just leave their apartment to live somewhere else. However, moving is not always an option and only a few people are lucky enough to get into a neighborhood or building where they won’t find similar issues, as people can be less than desirable anywhere.
If the issues you are having come to a point that you can no longer ignore or become dangerous, it’s best to confront your fears and approach your neighbor to have a friendly conversation. People are generally nice and, often times, they are oblivious to the discomfort they are causing. Approaching them in a friendly, non confrontational way can hopefully lessen or even completely eliminate the issue.
However, some people are not as receptive to others feelings and needs and will need to be reminded of their bad habits more than once or twice.
Talk to Your Landlord
If the problem persists outside of establishing a relationship with the offending neighbor, escalation may be needed. A weak landlord or property manager could lead to unruly, noisy tenants moving in, thus diminishing the calm and privacy that most tenants expect. Some inconveniences can’t be avoided especially if there are thin walls or minimal insulation to block sound but it is important to understand that you are paying rent and it is your utmost right to live peacefully and happily in your apartment.
We recommend that you approach your landlord and talk to them about your issues. Make sure you have a strong reason and/or evidence before approaching your landlord so that they take action against the delinquent. They are often able to sway attitudes and behavior beyond your own means. If the problem persists, seeking law enforcement or legal help should be your last resort.
Finding a balance between the good and the bad of apartment living is partly about attitude and partly about doing your own part to keep the situation as positive as possible. As it turns out, you actually do have quite a bit of control over how your rental situation goes, so try to make the most out of it.