Pool Maintenance Made Easy

Not only does keeping your pool clean all year long help to keep your backyard looking great, it will also make your pool maintenance painless. Here are some ways that you can make that happen.

Have a rule about not having any clothes in the pool. Normal clothing tend to have certain fiber and dyes that can be harmful to your pool. Whenever someone is swimming in your pool, make sure that they are wearing swimwear.

Take the time to collect fine debris when you notice it in your pool. Some debris is too small to get caught in your pool’s skimmer. A trick that you can utilize is to take pantyhose and wrap it around the skimmer basket. This will help contain small debris that would otherwise slip through. You also want to make sure that you are taking the time to skim your pool and get rid of debris on a daily basis. If this seems to be too tedious, you can invest in a robot vacuum that will clean the bottom of your pool.

In addition to getting rid of debris from your pool, you also want to protect your pool from an algae buildup. In order to do this, you will want to scrub the sides of the pool and remove any algae growth you find. Unlike skimming, this is a task that you should only have to do twice a month.

Your filter in your pool is a really important feature that you want to make sure you stay on top of. The filter is removing all of the unwanted debris from your pool, so you want to make sure that you are cleaning out the filter baskets at least once a week. In addition to cleaning out the baskets, you will also want to clean out the pipes in your filter system once a month. When you do this, you will simply turn the filter to “backwash,” take out the basket and clean it. Then you will need to turn on your pump and run it in order until clean water is coming out of the waste pipe.

In order to have a properly maintained pool, you need to make sure that the chemical levels in your pool are always properly balanced. When the levels are off, it can cause problems such as skin irritation, eye irritation and your pool can become infected with bacteria. The levels should be tested at least once a week and all you need to do is buy testing kits and fill it with a sample of the water from your pool. If any of the levels are imbalanced, you will need to adjust the levels until it is properly balanced again. When the levels are balanced, your pool should have crystal clear water, should not have a strong odor and it should not leave behind a residue on your skin.

Having a pool is a wonderful luxury and in order to keep it nice, you need to make sure that you are providing it with the maintenance it needs.