Refrigerator Problems: You Better Go Catch It!

A lot of homeowners tend to take their refrigerators for granted…until something goes wrong. When there is a problem with your refrigerator and things go wrong,it tends to be messy and expensive. Here are some common refrigerator problems and their solutions.

The first very common problem is that your freezer isn’t cold enough. Before calling in a repair person, you will first want to check the back wall of your freezer. If the back wall is not as cold as it should be, then the problem you are having is probably due to the compressor. However, if the back wall is cold, then you will want to check if you can hear the evaporator fan running or if there is air flowing from the freezer vents. If you cannot, then the problem will most likely be your freezer evaporator fan. If you can hear the fan running and feel the air, you can check the compressor. You can try to clean out any dust that might be blocking the air from reaching the coils.

Another problem that homeowners face is having water leak on their floor. In addition to being a falling hazard, water on the floor also is a sign that something is wrong with your refrigerator. One reason that your fridge might be leaking is that the defrost drain is blocked. The defrost drain usually is situated on the back wall of your freezer. If this is the problem, you can try to drain the hole from the inside using warm water. You can use something like a pipe cleaner to try and help to get the clog out.

The other common cause of water on the floor is if you have a clogged or frozen water supply. If you have this problem, you might notice that your ice maker is not functioning properly. Before you try and fix this issue, you will want to unplug your refrigerator and find the shut-off valve. Once you have done that, then you can look to see if there is a noticeable issue in the supply line. If the supply line is broken or damaged at all, you will need to replace it.

Sometimes homeowners have the problem of their food freezing when it is in the refrigerator. If you are experiencing this issue, you probably have a problem with your thermostat. You can test to see if the thermostat is working by switching it from its lowest setting to the highest setting, while listening for a clicking sound. If you are able to hear a click, your thermostat probably is functioning as it should be. If you do not hear the click, you most likely need to replace your thermostat.

Having your ice maker overflowing is another problem, and there can be several different reasons for this happening. If the water pressure in the valve is set too low, it might not be able to close completely when the power is off. Because of this, the valve will leak water into the ice maker, which causes the over abundance of ice. You can check and test your water pressure and if the pressure is okay, your water inlet valve might need to be replaced.