Repurposing Old Doors

The majority of old doors have high-quality, vintage materials that ensure that they can last for a long time. However, for many reasons, you may need to remove or replace them with modern, energy-saving options. But this doesn’t mean you should throw away your old doors as you can easily repurpose them. Repurposing these old doors will not only transform them into useful items, but it will also save you lots of money.

So, here are some creative DIY ideas for repurposed doors:
Pot rack
Do you need an extra storage space to keep your pots and other portable utensils? If yes, turn your old doors into a pot rack. This DIY idea is easy as you can simply hang the door from the ceiling. Find some screw to hook the anchor into the door and you already have a pot rack.
Beverage station
Transform your old doors into a lovely beverage station that you can keep outdoor or indoor. To make the old door look awesome and become fully functional, you will need to combine a galvanized tray with it.
Depending on the size of your old door, you can repurpose it to become a rustic bookshelf. Although there are different styles of bookshelves you can choose, you may have to cut the door into various pieces and bring them together to make a door. You can make the shelf to stand on itself or just fix it to the wall.
 Full-length mirror
Another option is using your repurposed door to make a full-length mirror. Remove the bottom panel of the door and place a mirror inside it. You can choose to repaint the doors to make it look better. This piece will be perfect for your bedroom or bathroom.
Porch swing
If you want to have an item that you and your loved ones can sit on while having fun in your leisure time, turn your old doors into a porch swing. Along with the old doors, you will need to get newel posts to create a swing.
Old doors with strong woods are the best for making tabletops. You don’t have to cut the doors; just sand or repaint it to make it have a more aesthetic appearance. Then get a base that is suitable for the door. Voila! You have a beautiful and useful tabletop.
Coat rack
If you find yourself hanging various accessories such as belts, coats, and hats on your doors, your old doors can come in handy at this point. Cut out a part of your old doors and embellish it with various hanging bars or hooks. You can nail it to the wall in the entryway, room or other places to hang your coats and other accessories.
Door display shelf
Consider decorating your entryway with repurposed doors. All you have to do is to turn the old doors into a shelf. Add a mirror and other items to it for a more eye-catching appearance.
So, which of these DIY ideas for repurposed doors do you like?