Space Heater Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Space heaters are super useful and affordable appliances, but it’s important that you know what safety tips to apply so you can avoid any accidents. The first safety tip I’m giving you today is that you make sure you get your space heater from a provider with all the clearances necessary to guarantee that their product is safe.

You will also need to select a model that suits your area the best. Some space heaters require little space because they can be hung on the wall, but others will need more room. Make sure you place it at least 3 feet away from any furniture, curtains, rugs, and other combustible materials. This is one of the most important space heater safety tips because they can cause a risk of fire if they encounter such materials. It’s also important you don’t place anything on top of the space heater and make sure it’s placed on a hard surface.
When you’re choosing your space heater, do make sure the model you choose has safety features including overheat protection, tip-over protection and cool-touch housing so you can avoid any issues.
Once you get a proper space heater, you must plug it directly into an outlet with the necessary power capacity. Don’t use extension cords because it can cause the risk of electrical shock injuries, fires, and overheating. If you don’t have a choice but to use an extension cord, make sure you choose one that’s properly sized and rated for this appliance.
Another important safety tip is to make sure your space heater is well kept and maintained. Inspect the cord for fraying or damage and keep it clean from dust and hair so it can work without any issues whatsoever. Do this upon first use out of the box along with the beginning and end of each season of use.
Whenever you’re not using your space heater, make sure you turn it off and unplug it. Many space heater models nowadays include the option of programming automatic shut down and turn on, so make sure you use that feature if available so that your space heater is not on when it doesn’t need to be.
Your space heater should also be kept away from water and humidity, so don’t place them in damp, humid spaces such as basements or bathrooms. Also, make sure never to touch your space heater with wet hands because this creates the risk of electric shock. If you need a space heater in your bathroom, make sure you purchase one that’s safe and designed for this kind of use.
When you have a space heater at home, it’s important that you learn about safety and you teach everyone in your family as well. To use your appliances safely, you need to learn the do’s and don’ts. Feel free to ask your provider for advice as well, but also make sure to do your own research and take the necessary measures to use your space heater safely.