Spring Exterior Home Inspections

Fall and Winter often come with extreme weather conditions such as ice, wind, storms, freezing rain, snow and intense cold. These conditions can leave our homes with various and sometimes unseen damage. And now that Spring is almost here, it is the time for homeowners to inspect their homes to see if there are any parts of the exterior that require repair or replacement. Proper spring exterior home inspections will not only preserve your home, but it will also improve its value.

Given this, here are the crucial spring exterior home inspections that you should consider:
Start the inspections with the foundations by checking if any of the areas are dampened. Also, focus on the cracks and observe if they go deep into the ground to affect the foundations. You must understand that dampness and cracks can allow water infiltrate the foundation of your home; hence, you must pay attention to these things.
Doors and windows
Are there any cracks in the windows or doors? Is the window screen in good condition? Are the frames strong? As it gets warmer, you’ll want to allow fresh air in and keep bugs out. You need to check the windows and doors to detect if the extreme weather of the Fall and Winter have damaged them. Depending on their conditions, your Spring inspections may call for replacement or repairs of the doors and windows.
Extreme weather conditions can force the siding to become discolored, loose, broken or cracked. These issues can give water an opportunity to come into your home; thereby, causing several serious problems. So, make sure that you inspect the siding as you prepare your home for Spring.
As expected, the roof is one of the major victims of snow, storms, freezing rain and other conditions. Therefore, once the Spring comes, you should quickly act by inspecting whether your roof is intact or not. Pay attention to the seals around the flashing and chimney, shingles, roofing sheets, and other areas. Check the corners of the roof to see if they need some repairs or not.
Downspouts and Gutters
Gutters and downspouts are known to be responsible for a lot of damage to the foundations of houses as they can allow water to enter and wreak havoc. Therefore, homeowners must inspect them as they prepare their house for the Spring. Look for any debris around the downspouts and gutter. Also, check if the water is draining from the foundation of the house or not.
Balconies, Railings, and Staircases
Most wooden staircases, railings, and balconies are susceptible to molds, mildew, moss and other organisms that are capable of destroying them over time. Those made with metals are at risk of rusting while concrete ones can crumble or crack. Any problems with the balcony, railing, and staircases can damage them or lead to a fall, which you need to avoid.
Overall, conducting Spring exterior home inspections is just the start to avert the potential dangers of the damages that Fall and Winter might have caused. Don’t hesitate to call a professional if you find a problem with your home.
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