Unexpected Storage Solutions

If you have found yourself storing things underneath your bed or cramming things haphazardly into drawers and cabinets, you have a problem. It is not that you have a shopping problem (Don’t let anybody tell you that! That new towel set you bought for the guest bathroom matches the tile perfectly and you needed it). No, the only problem you have is a storage problem. There is no need to stress yourself out trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of just because things are getting a little tight. Below are some creative storage solutions that can help to declutter your home and provide you with the organization you need.

Think up. Many people think to store things under beds, but you can also store things overhead. You can add a shelf above your bathroom door to provide more bathroom storage. This is also a great place to store bathroom cleaning products if you have little kids, since they will not be able to access them. You can hang pots and pans from a rack in the ceiling to provide you with more kitchen storage. You can also build in overhead storage in your garage, where you can store outside seasonal decor or other items that you do not need readily available.

Another way you can add storage to your bathroom is to add some hooks to the side of your vanity, where you can hang your blow dryer, curling iron or other tools that you use. Similarly, you can also do this same thing to the side of your dressers, where you can hang belts, purses or other clothing items.

Many homeowners complain that they do not have enough closet storage, but in many cases, it is simply a case of not utilizing the closet space that you have to its fullest. In order to maximize space, it is a good idea to either move your hanging rack so it is higher up and closer to the ceiling, or you can add shelving above the hanging rack. There is a lot of wasted space towards the top of a closet, so these are some ways that you can get that space back.

Also in regards to your clothing closet, you should assess your wardrobe a few times a year and get rid of clothing that you are not actually ever wearing. Some people tend to hang on to clothing for sentimental reasons, or they think that perhaps one day they will fit into something they have outgrown. All of the clothing in your closet should be pieces that you absolutely love. If they are not, find a charity and donate the clothes to someone who will actually wear them.

You can find storage on the front or back of doors as well, since they make hanging shoe racks and other pocket-type storage. This is a great way to fit all of your shoes into one space, or you can also use this type of storage on the inside of your pantry, to fill with snacks for the kids. Other uses for this type of storage could be for jewelry, ties, purses, or any other accessories that you currently do not have storage for.